The Food Industry

The food industry has an endless amount of products with different forms of packaging made for different environments as well as various regulations, branding and marketing.
S. Lerner is very familiar with the food industry and knows all of its special nuances for every kind of food product. Accordingly, we get materials to specifically match storage conditions such as: heat, moisture and freezing as well as different quality adhesives for different storage conditions also.
Print solutions for this industry are suitable for a variety of food products including: dairy products, meat, fish, cereals, beans spices, frozen foods, etc.

Print solutions for the food industry can be:

  • Special Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Deep freeze resistant labels
  • Labels which can be applied on wet and frosty surfaces
  • Heat resistant labels
  • Thermal labels
  • Promotion labels
  • Resealable labels
  • Coupon labels- folded up labels with info
  • Double sided labels
  • Thermal transfer ribbons
  • BML/IML labels
  • Catering labels
  • Promotion G stripes
  • Other branding & advertising solutions

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