Self-Adhesive Labels

Stickers are the most basic labels, but they can be quite useful. We had the biggest customers in the market coming to us and we have learned how to reach the full potential of our stickers.
We provide a variety of stickers and adhesives for different products, with precise designs made by our graphic designers’ crew of 7, using the best and latest software and additionally, by using special software we can visualize the final product before the actual printing.
We use digital technology of CTP (for digital printing plates), Flexo- Printers and the best digital printing machines worldwide. The stickers can be cut into pieces are be taken away in rolls. Also, because the graphic design department is here in the factory the process has become the quickest in the market, making it possible to guarantee the quickest deliveries.

Labels available:

  • Deep freeze resistant labels
  • Humid resistant labels
  • Labels which can be applied on wet and frosty surfaces
  • Heat resistant labels
  • Resealable labels
  • Double sided labels (also printing on glue)
  • Chemical resistant labels (lamination)
  • Hot stamping/ Cold foil and embossing
  • Coupon labels- folded up labels with info
  • Printing different information on each label
  • Promotion labels
  • Special embossing options

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