Shrink Sleeves

Since 2009, we started offering Shrink sleeves printing solutions, using shrinking and stretching techniques. Shrink sleeves can be done on any surface: P.V.C, P.E.T, PLA, OPS and any others can be done by your request.
The Flexo-sleeve business is also inspected constantly for the best and most accurate results, using the latest technologies in the market with unique raw materials and quickest delivery times
We are in constant contact with European, American and Asian material suppliers, willing to hear about every bit of innovation in the market so we can upgrade and update the customers about it. At the same time, we are collaborating with bottle manufacturers and Shrink sleeves enterprises, to provide the customer with the best final product.
Our pre-production department shows clients with a special three-dimensional simulation graphics software how will the final product look, before actual printing. We print in large amounts for large customer, but also for smaller customers, using an H.P Indigo printer we hold in the factory.
The great experience in the Flexo-sleeve business had made us the number one company in the market for any print solution, printing for Coca Cola, Schweppes, Procter and Gamble, SodaStream, Henkel and many more.
Another reason customers prefer to work with us is the quick deliveries we guarantee since we have all the people involved in the process working in the same building, making it possible to deliver in even 3-4 business days.


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